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Campaign “Opole in the Rhythm of Kindness”

Since 2019, the “Opole in the Rhythm of Kindness” Campaign has been implemented in the City of Opole.

The main goal of the campaign is to promote kindness understood as: helpfulness, kindness, honesty, sensitivity, caring, kindness, compassion, peace, friendship, understanding, tenderness, warmth, dedication, grace, empathy, generosity, loyalty, help, openness, sensitivity , respect, generosity, forbearance, tolerance, care, good and raising the issue of positive behavior towards the elderly, the disabled and other groups.

All activities carried out as part of the “Opole in the Rhythm of Kindness” Campaign are aimed at disseminating and developing knowledge about disability, as well as changing social attitudes towards seniors and people with disabilities, which create an atmosphere of tolerance, understanding and kindness towards these people, and counteract their discrimination The actions taken as part of the campaign contribute to spreading the attitude of kindness among the city’s inhabitants by organizing joint projects involving various social groups.

The specific objectives are implemented through the following activities:

  • promoting helpfulness, courtesy and honesty in the local society;
  • encouraging city residents to undertake initiatives aimed at promoting an attitude of kindness towards others;
  • integration of various social groups (disabled, seniors, youth);
  • promoting collaboration and mutual aid in society;
  • promoting activities for the disabled;
  • promoting activities for the elderly;
  • promoting activities for young people;
  • promoting activities aimed at removing hate and hate speech from public spaces.

The following activities have already been implemented as part of the Campaign:

  • an educational and informative spot ” Opole in the Rhythm of Kindness ” was prepared;
  • The Canon of Friendliness of the City of Opole was signed;
  • the “Disabled in Opole” mini-guide was published;
  • organization of “kindness lessons” in kindergartens and schools in the City of Opole;
  • organization of art competitions “Opole in the Rhythm of Kindness”;
  • 4 editions of the “Seniors and Disabled People-Friendly Places” competition in Opole;
  • organization of 3 happenings “Opole in the Rhythm of Kindness”;
  • organization of educational and integration events at Stegu Arena, ie “We are Together” and “Action defibrillation – you too can save someone’s life”;
  • implementation of the educational and informational campaign “Senior at the wheel”.


  • Video spot presenting the “Opole in the Rhythm of Kindness” Campaign:


Opole is the City of Kindness and no one has any doubts about it. And all this is due to our residents. Meet the Ambassadors of our city Campaign who appeared in the latest spot promoting Kindness in Opole:

  1. Arkadiusz Wiśniewski – Mayor of the City of Opole;
  2. Barbara Bieganowska – Zając – Paralympic Champion in running;
  3. Kamila Świerc – Miss Poland 2017;
  4. Arkadiusz Piech – a footballer of OKS Odra Opole S.A .;
  5. Zuzanna Kochanek – Piotrowska – Actress;
  6. Barbara and Bartłomiej Bonk – Polish representatives in weightlifting;
  7. Mateusz Faliński – Capoeira warrior;
  8. Magdalena Wilga – Sports district attendant;
  9. Magdalena Zych – Polish representative in short-track;
  10. Mateusz Jankowski – the handball player of the KPR Gwardia Opole;
  11. Przemysław Zych – Deputy Mayor of the City of Opole.
  12. Monika Kuszyńska – Vocalist.
  • The film spot Ambassadors of Kindness of the City of Opole:


All Information about the activities carried out under the above-mentioned campaign will be updated by the Social Policy Department of the Opole City Hall on the following websites: and and on social networks of the Opole City Hall and MOPR (Municipal Family Support Center) represented by Information and Education Center “Senior in Opole”.

Facebook: @ProgramOpolskaRodzina20192029

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