Adding life to years
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Accessible and affordable public transport is key to ensuring a city’s elderly population is able to age actively and remain engaged with their community, with access to health and social facilities. Driving conditions and parking facilities in a city should also keep older drivers in mind.

Accessible, affordable and safe public transport

Older people should ideally be able to navigate their city’s transport system with ease. Apart from the affordability of transport services, residents’ perceived safety of public transport services would affect their willingness to use them. Transport services should cater to people with a range of mobility needs. In addition, helpful drivers and station staff sensitive to elderly needs would be able to better assist older commuters. Finally, information on safe, age-friendly and affordable transport services must be made available to older people to facilitate their usage.

Age-friendly driving conditions and parking facilities

Driving can be an essential transportation option for older people, particularly in suburban and more remote residential areas. Heavy traffic, poor road conditions, inadequate street lighting and poorly positioned signage are some barriers to city driving, particularly as older people may face vision difficulties.Maintaining confidence as drivers age is also important in ensuring a safe driving experience for all. Parking bays close to buildings and drop-off and pick-up bays are welcomed by seniors too.