Adding life to years
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Social Participation

Participating in leisure, social, cultural and spiritual activities in the community fosters seniors’ continued integration with society and helps them stay engaged and informed. Seniors’ participation in such activities, however, is affected by access to transport and facilities, their awareness of such activities and their affordability.

A range of accessible and affordable activities

Older people have a broad range of interests and needs. A variety of social activities would cater to such diverse interests. Such opportunities should also be accessible for people with disabilities and those who live further away. Activities taking place within hours suitable for older people and at convenient and accessible locations served by transport options would encourage greater participation as well. Activities must be affordable for older people to facilitate their participation. Hence, costs should be considered when planning the activities. Lastly, awareness on such activities must be raised among seniors to keep them informed of the opportunities available.

Encouraging participation and intergenerational integration

Seniors’ participation in social activities helps to prevent social isolation. Seniors want to socialize and integrate with other age groups and cultures in their communities. Intergenerational activities are mutually enriching and fulfilling for all ages, with older people passing on knowledge, traditions and experience while the young may help seniors with new technology and practices.