Adding life to years
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The housing conditions of older people are often linked to their quality of life and whether they are able to age independently and actively in their community. Appropriate housing design and its proximity to community and social services allow older residents to live comfortably and safely, while housing affordability gives them peace of mind.

Affordable, well-designed and safe housing

The cost of housing and related utilities influences where older people live. High housing costs can discourage older people to move to more appropriate, age-friendly housing.

A home with age-friendly features, such as elevators, wide passages to accommodate wheelchairs, etc, allows older residents to live comfortably. Conversely, a home layout impeding mobility, such as stairs and uneven floors, can be barriers for seniors. In these cases, the ability to modify one’s home through affordable and accessible home modification would ensure that seniors are able to continue living well in their current place of residence. It is also important that seniors feel safe and secure in their own homes.

A range of housing options with good connectivity to social services and the community

Locating social and health facilities close to seniors’ homes is crucial in ensuring seniors have access to such services when they need it. Older people also wish to remain close to their family and community. Providing a range of housing options would cater to seniors’ diverse needs.