Adding life to years
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Civic Participation and Employment

Older people are an asset to the community, and they continue contributing to their communities after retirement. An age-friendly city and community provides ample opportunities for older people to do so, be it through voluntary or paid employment, and keeps them engaged in the political process.

Volunteerism and employment opportunities

Older people can gain fulfilment from active involvement in voluntary activities or work, as it provides satisfaction and keeps them socially engaged. A wide range of volunteer and employment opportunities caters to seniors’ diverse preferences, needs and skill sets, and awareness on the vacancies available connects seniors to these opportunities. Age-friendly urban and transport infrastructure removes any physical barriers seniors may face in accessing the volunteer or job opportunity. Continued training for seniors also helps them remain relevant and connected. Entrepreneurial opportunities are another way to support seniors’ participation in the workforce and ensure their sustained self-sufficiency.

There have been reports of age discrimination in the workplace. Building up employers’ positive attitude towards retaining and recruiting older workers would help to ensure employment opportunities for seniors. The workplace can continue to be made more welcoming for seniors to put their experience and expertise to good use.

Encouraging civic participation

Older people’s participation in the political process must be facilitated. Seniors may be involved through platforms to voice their concerns and views to government officials, or through participating in interest groups. They should also be involved in decision-making on issues that may impact them.