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The South Yorkshire Dementia Creative Arts Exhibition

The South Yorkshire Dementia Creative Arts Exhibition

Status: Ongoing


South Yorkshire United Kingdom
Print this page City population: 100000019% over 60Practice started in 2009


The University of Sheffield has led the development and coordination of a dementia creative arts exhibition in South Yorkshire since 2009. The exhibition is intended as an annual opportunity to showcase the creative talents of people with dementia and all affected by the syndrome. Each year a theme is decided by the organising committee – in 2016 it is ‘The Senses’ – and from this publicity material is created. This year, a competition was held among Art and Design students at Barnsley College to create the exhibition image. The value of the exhibition is three-fold. First, it provides a focal point for art activities coordinators (our most important partners) in 100+ care homes to work with residents to produce original creative outputs. The time spent engaged in creative activities is enjoyable and fulfilling. Second, the creative art is displayed during exhibition week in publically accessible spaces. An environment that is friendly and welcoming is guaranteed for artistic people with dementia and others with support of partners from the University of Sheffield student body and others including, in recent years, Social Work students on placement with AgeUK. Everyone is guaranteed a warm welcome. The third area of value is in the sense of self-esteem and accomplishment artists feel when they come to visit a public exhibition of their work. When people develop dementia there are many things that happen, including a reduction in social participation and the danger of focusing on personal losses. Participation in the exhibition is a success, an achievement and a precedent for new ways of living with dementia, for everyone concerned.


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Other target group(s): People affected by dementia

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Other Issues: Dementia education in the community

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