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Strategies for Creating an Age-friendly City: Book

Strategies for Creating an Age-friendly City: Book

Status: Completed

Hong Kong China
Print this page City population: 7413000Practice started in 2023


The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust has partnered with Hong Kong’s four gerontology research institutes to implement the Jockey Club Age-friendly City Project (“JCAFC Project”) since 2015. The JCAFC Project aimed to promote an age-friendly culture in all 18 districts of Hong Kong. A unique model of bottom-up, district-based, multi-sectoral collaboration and evidence-based approach were adopted in building Hong Kong to an age-friendly city (“AFC”) which can cater for the needs of different ages. The book “Strategies for Creating an Age-friendly City: Hong Kong as a case study” thoroughly chronicles the strategies adopted by Jockey Club Age-friendly City Project in advancing age-friendly city movement in Hong Kong and its social impact, explores the origins of the concept of an age-friendly city and its development globally and in Hong Kong, as well as provides recommendations for the future advancement of age-friendly cities.


Key facts

Main target group: Both younger and older people (i.e. intergenerational)

Sector(s): Urban development

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Name: Lee, Richard

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Preferred language(s): English

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Project lead: Research institution

Older people’s involvement: Older people were not directly involved

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