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Snarveiprosjektet i Trondheim

Status: Ongoing


Trondheim Norway
Print this page City population: 19350017,2% over 60Practice started in 2020


Snarveiprosjektet i Trondheim

Key facts

Main target group: Both younger and older people (i.e. intergenerational)

Sector(s): Urban development

Desired outcome for older people:
Be mobile

Other issues the Age-friendly practice aims to address:
  • Accessibility
  • Healthy behaviours (e.g. physical activity)

Contact details

Name: Kirsti Buseth

Email address:

Age-friendly practice in detail (click to expand):

Engaging the wider community

Project lead: Local authorities

Older people’s involvement: Older people helped to implement the age-friendly practice

Moving forward

Has the impact of this age-friendly practice been analysed: Yes

Was the impact positive or negative:

Looking back

The shortcuts in Trondheim was not possible to walk for the elderly people. We have upgradet the shortcuts with lighting and handrails.