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Impromptu No Tutu Elder Dance Ensemble

Impromptu No Tutu Elder Dance Ensemble

Status: Ongoing

Albany, California, USA United States of America
Print this page City population: 60075% over 60Practice started in 2008


The Impromptu No Tutu Ensemble is a collaborative of dancers age 50-90+ who promote healthy aging and celebrate our lives through creative movement, music, and percussion. We have been the resident dance company of the Albany, CA, Senior Center since 2008. Our mission: To inspire a new view of aging as a crescendo of creativity and community. By freeing the fierce creative dance spirit of older women, we defy all expectations of what dancers up to age 90 can express through committed, risk-taking and mindful movement. We bring this energy into Bay Area communities by offering accessible classes, participatory public events and educational experiences where elder and younger generations can bond and exchange wisdom through the arts of dance and music. Our members form a committed community that sustains us through health crises, family tragedies and national turbulence. We build a healing sanctuary wherever we dance joyfully together. When touring in the community, our speciality is teaching the art of improvisation as a life skill and liberating practice for all ages. Impromptu No Tutu was founded by teaching artist Greacian Goeke to show the world all that dance in later life can be.


Key facts

Main target group: Both younger and older people (i.e. intergenerational)

Sector(s): Education, Health, Housing, Information and communication, Other, Social protection

Other sector(s): Intergenerational learning, Creative sustenance, Building community through the arts, Freedom of expression, Maintaining confidence and independence,

Desired outcome for older people:
Learn, grow and make decisions

Other issues the Age-friendly practice aims to address:
  • Ageism
  • Accessibility
  • Dementia
  • Healthy behaviours (e.g. physical activity)
  • Intergenerational activities
  • Inclusion
  • Participation
  • Other

Other Issues: How to harness later-life creativity for one's quality of life and to benefit the community; Creative Aging

Contact details

Name: Goeke, Greacian

Email address:

Preferred language(s): English, French

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