If laboratory information is only stored digitally: create a contingency plan that ensures availability of laboratory information in case of computer failure


If the laboratory has a completely computerized system a contingency plan must be in place to ensure that laboratory information is always accessible, even in case of computer failure. A failure of the computer system must not be a reason for interruption of services.


Create a contingency plan that ensures that digital laboratory information is always accessible, also during computer downtime. In phase 2 a system to ensure weekly backups was established.


Depending on how the computerized system is arranged the laboratory can make use of the backups to access laboratory information in case of downtime. E.g. if the laboratory uses only one computer to store all the laboratory information on, and this computer doesn't function, another computer could be used to access the latest backup and find the information needed. However, if a server is used, another solution must be found to ensure continuous access to laboratory information (e.g. accessing of the latest server-backup using a computer that is separated from the laboratory network).

How & who

Equipment Officer (or, if applicable, the data manager):

  1. Design a contingency plan for the computerized laboratory information system that suits the characteristics of the computerized system best.
  2. Create a document in which the protocol is provided that should be followed in case of computer downtime. This protocol will be added to the SOP on Information Management that will be developed in the next activity.
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ISO15189:2007: B.8.5
ISO15189:2012: 5.10.3