Roadmap Structure

Per phase you can chose to view the set of activities in that phase in the ideal chronological order for implementing the activities from day-to-day. Choose for this the Roadmap view.



Roadmaps consist of boxes placed in sequence or in parallel.



When you click on one of the boxes you are led to an overview of activities that need to be done to complete the task described in the box. In case boxes are placed in parallel the activities underlying the boxes can be done at the same time by different staff members.



When you click on one activity in the overview you are led to the complete activity including explanation, references to ISO 15189 and links support documents.



Clicking on one of the links of the support documents you can download the document (which can either be background information as in the example below, a document template or another tool.



When you go to the bottom of the activity you can see to which ISO 15189 references this activity is related. By clicking on one of the ISO references you are led to an overview of all the activities of this tool that are related to that ISO reference. There are also two links that either show this activity in the overview that you get when clicking on the roadmap box, or the overview of activities related to the Quality System Essential (QSE) to which this activity belongs.



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