User Instructions

Stepwise Approach

This tool provides a stepwise plan for implementing a quality management system. The "steps" of this plan are called "Activities". Each activity consists of several elements:



Four Phases

To give a logical structure to the process of implementing the quality management system the stepwise plan was divided over four phases of implementation, with each phase having a specific focus. The tool is constructed such that, even when a laboratory does not reach full implementation of the quality management system, it has already improved its quality service provision already from phase 1, and as such has benefited already.

  • Phase 1: Ensuring that the primary process of the laboratory operates correctly and safely
  • Phase 2: Controlling and assuring quality and creating traceability
  • Phase 3: Ensuring proper management, leadership and organization
  • Phase 4: Create continuous improvement and prepare for accreditation

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Two ways of viewing the activities in each phase

Per phase you can chose to view the set of activities in the ideal chronological order for implementing the activities from day-to-day. Choose for this the Roadmap view. Click to read more on the Roadmap structure.



Another possibility is to view the same set of activities sorted per Quality System Essential. This gives you a good overview of what needs to be done on a specific aspect of the laboratory. For example: this view can show you all the activities related to equipment management of a specific phase. Click to read more on the QSE structure.



Checklists to verify correct completion of activities

Besides providing activities for implementing the quality management system, this tool also contains a functionality to verify correct completion of the activities: checklists. The checklists can be constructed by the user him/herself to get checklists tailor-made to the extent of implementing the quality management system. Read more.