Establish a preventive maintenance program for equipment


In the previous activity the methods for maintenance and calibration were designed. As these are now known, these methods can be scheduled into a preventive maintenance program to ensure that maintenance and calibration are done on a regular basis.


Plan the preventive maintenance and calibration for each piece of equipment in a yearly schedule. This way you have a good overview of when which piece of equipment must be maintained and calibrated or sent for maintenance and calibration.


In the right-hand column background information about the equipment maintenance program from the World Health Organization Laboratory Quality Management System (LQMS) training iand from the Guidance for Countries on the Specifications for Managing TB Laboratory Equipments and Supplies is provided for further reading.

How & who

Equipment Officer:

  1. Plan the maintenance and calibration of all the pieces of equipment present in the laboratory.
  2. Make a yearly schedule in which the planned maintenance/calibration is shown.
  3. Arrange for sufficient funding with the laboratory manager
  4. Start adhering to this schedule.
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