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What I Will Change

What I Will Change

Tell the world what you would do differently

What good did the last months bring you?
You don’t have to take on the whole world to make a difference.

Pick one habit—something small—that made a difference for you. Maybe you’ve spent more time with your family, enjoyed the fresh breeze and the trees in the park. Maybe you’ve taken up jogging, quit coffee, realised how different life could be, or just enjoyed the quiet.

Tell us about the small changes you made

The small things matter. Tell us about the little things you’ve done differently. Type a quick comment, make a drawing with your kids, sing us a song. Share your thoughts any way you like. Just remember to use #WhatIWillChange. This way, you’ll tell a friend, who’ll tell a friend, who’ll tell another. That’s the way small changes grow into big ones.

How do I participate

  • Think of what you will change
  • Create a piece of text, video, of photo. Anything will do! (tip: doing this with a friend makes it even more fun)
  • Post your creation on your social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn) and use the hashtag #WhatIWillChange

And you’re done. Easy as that!

Video file

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Moving Together for UHC in the COVID-19 Era: Every Voice Counts


Other people have shared their contributions or thoughts with the world

WHO Art 4 Health & Smile Train release 9 Reasons to Smile 
9 Reasons to Smile Family Fun Activity Book
Mask creation during COVID-19, New York by the artist Shanice Figeroux


Painting by Aitbouzid essaid


Mural painting in Morocco by Aitbouzid essaid 


Poetry Smile For Tomorrow from Brian Otieno, AFAJIRI Kenya

Ding-dong, Ding-dong, Ding-dong, helter shelter we all scatter rushing to our shelters.

“Work from home”, the boss says. 

“Put your mask on” they say, “wash your hand” she reminds me, “don’t get any closer” the children shout from the windows.

The sun shines different,

The birds no longer sing, they whisper

Where are the crickets of night? 

Moon’s light is deemed with a shy glare. 

The streets look lonely, market places abandoned and our worship houses, monk silence.

The media crowded with COVID news and numbers, Social media becoming a market place with more online.

Spare me the silence and solitude, for my mind can’t sink deeper than this. 

Started as a vacation with relaxed postures, now a cave of uncertainty and fear. 

The world sleeps as the minds work on how to wake the spark of humanity. 

We reach out but we can’t touch, we chat online but we can’t interact. 

With a smile of tomorrow’s shine, we wait, for the rescript of COVID less nations. 

We smile for we know it’s all we have left, our humanity. 

Humanity will always thrive and rise to the occasion. 

So, let’s smile for tomorrow.