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Health for All Film Festival 4th edition - 2023
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The UHC Partnership is proud to support WHO's Health for All Film Festival 


Films are a powerful way to raise awareness, improve understanding and encourage positive behaviour changes, that’s why the Health for All Film Festival recruits year after year a new generation of film and video innovators to champion and promote health issues.



WHO has launched a call for short films for the 4th edition of the Health for All Film Festival. 

“The WHO Health for All Film Festival has become an incredible platform for telling powerful stories from around the world about people who face all kinds of health challenges, and those who devote their lives to improving health,” said WHO Director-General, Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus. “Films provide an authentic way for affected people to connect with others and contribute to a better understanding of the communities we serve.”

The call for short films (up to 8 minutes long) opens on 31 October 2022 and will close on 31 January 2023. WHO invites public institutions, nongovernmental organizations, communities of patients and of health workers, students in public health and film schools from around the world to submit their original short film. The festival is also open to independent film-makers, production companies and TV broadcasters.



Competition categories and prizes

The Health for All Film Festival's fourth official selection of about 70 short films will be presented to the public in April 2023 via the WHO YouTube channel and  WHO film festival homepage. Winners from this selection will be announced by mid-May 2023.

In submitting a short film, the copyright owner of the film has to choose one category of competition among the three described below, which relates to WHO’s global health goals set out in the  Thirteenth General Programme of Work (GPW13). Each winner will receive from WHO a trophy, a certificate and a payment of their copyright so that WHO could promote their film on its channels and events (see festival rules below).

Candidates can submit short documentaries, fiction films or animation films of three to eight minutes in length for the categories below, with exception of the Very Short Film category dedicated to shorter clips made for social media platforms.

1. Universal Health Coverage (UHC) – films about mental health, noncommunicable diseases (NCDs) and other UHC stories linked to communicable diseases not part of emergencies;

2. Health Emergencies – films about health emergencies, such as COVID-19, Monkeypox, Ebola, disaster relief and health in conflict-settings;

3. Better Health and Well-being – films about environmental and social determinants of health as well as other non-medical conditions for a good health, such as nutrition, sanitation, pollution, gender, physical activity, and/or about health promotion or health education.

Additionally, four special prizes are attributed to some short-listed videos not receiving a GRAND PRIX.



WHO film festival poster on the universal health coverage category








Visit the Health for All Film Festival main page