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The UHC Partnership works with various organizations, reaching a broad range of partners and stakeholders within and outside the health sector. This includes other agencies and joint programmes of the United Nations, global health initiatives, epistemic communities, civil society, non-government organizations, among others. 

Collaboration with global health initiatives

The UHC Partnership operates under the global multi-stakeholder platforms of UHC2030 and the SDG3 Global Action Plan on Healthy Lives and Well-being for All (GAP) to promote collaborative working globally and in countries through a primary health care approach in order to enhance cooperation effectiveness.

The precursor to UHC2030 was the IHP+, which was transformed into UHC2030 in 2016 to respond to the health-related SDGs. Its mission is to create a movement for accelerating equitable and sustainable progress towards UHC.

Learn more about UHC Partnership’s collaboration with the SDG3 GAP.


Technical resources for Global Health Initiatives

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