Strategic Approach

The PAGNet will help to develop four strategically important areas that aim to harmonize and also improve performance of work carried out by partners in the network. Strategic areas include:

(a) Conferences and meetings: An on going engagement among partners on resolving outstanding technical and operational issues and evolving broadly acceptable and common solutions require regular virtual and telephone video discussions to arrive at solutions that have broad consensus among partners. PAGNet will host regular conferences and discussions to assist partners in evolving commonly acceptable solutions to outstanding issues.

(b) Guidance and Tools: A good number of guidance and tools relevant to points of entry are readily available but scattered and remain hidden within the partners' own web sites or libraries. The PAGNet will help to bring them to a common list and make them accessible to all partners.

(c) Worldwide PAG Community: Points of entry community of ports, airports and ground crossings have their presence worldwide and yet operate as a vertically structured community without much interaction and linkages across their boundaries and with other sectors. Provisions of IHR (2005) have established common goals and standards for all three types of points of entry service providers. PAGNet will aim to bring the PAG world community to work together intersectorally to implement IHR (2005) provisions

(d) Links to Web sites: Providing inks to relevant Web sites of partners and outside institutions across the globe will improve information and knowledge accessibility to all partners and enhance upgrading and updating information and knowledge relevant to addressing public health issues at points of entries as well as international travel and transport.