Institutional Partners

Institutional Partners include:

  • National public health and transport competent authorities
  • Intergovernmental organizations
  • Academic institutions involved in training and research in the areas of public health, travel and transport

Institutional Partners work to achieve the following:

  • To establish and follow the code of practice for the network
  • To maintain the credibility of the network
  • To establish an inventory of knowledge and make them available for the mutual benefit of other partners in the network
  • To deliver services and take part in activities to achieve the purpose of the network
  • To be guided by IHR (2005) provisions on PAG

Functions of Institutional Partners include:

  • To assist in planning, organizing, harmonizing, coordinating and implementing the work of the Network
  • To promote long term support for the Network
  • To share technical knowledge and help to evolve through discussions improved knowledge and tools
  • To assist in training and capacity development