Advisory Group

The Advisory Group provides leadership and direction as well as monitors the implementation of agreed upon policies, plans and activities of PAGnet.


Formation of Advisory Group

In order to represent effectively the interests of the PAGnet Partnership, the Advisory Group must reflect the various constituencies which make up the PAGnet Partnership. The criteria for joining the PAGNet Advisory Group include a commitment to the success of the PAGnet work program and relevant skills, experience or access to resources. The Advisory Group is formed through nomination by the core constituencies as described in the composition of the Advisory Group, and should be regularly reviewed by the membership to ensure its continued effectiveness.



The composition of the Advisory Group

The Advisory Group should be composed of not more than nine members and should reflect the core constituencies of PAGnet including representatives from:

  • national public health and transport competent authorities;
  • intergovernmental organizations working on issues related to public health, travel and transport; and
  • academic institutions involved in research in the areas of public health, travel and transport.



Functions of the Advisory Group

It is intended that Advisory Group:

  • provides leadership and direction to PAGnet including site content, scope of activities, membership and meetings;
  • monitors implementation of agreed upon policies, plans and activities;
  • formulates priorities for PAGnet activities in accordance with PAGnet mission and objectives and the recommendations of members;
  • supports PAGnet members according to agreed upon strategy;
  • approves PAGnet work plan and budget;
  • coordinates and promotes advocacy and mobilizes resources in support of PAGnet;
  • reviews the progress of the PAGnet implementation and provides frequent updates, including reports of its meetings, to members, other stakeholders and the public at large;
  • provides oversight and review of PAGNet use;
  • reviews the annual progress report prepared by the PAGnet Moderator;
  • coordinates input from the members to PAGnet processes and initiatives;
  • recommends appropriate rules or guidelines to Moderator to ensure the integrity of PAGnet;
  • establishes such committees, working groups and task forces as it may deem necessary;
  • considers and recommends any amendments to the PAGnet framework;
  • considers any other matter related to PAGnet as may be referred to it by any of its members or by the Moderator;
  • guides overall management and organization of PAGnet;
  • conducts an annual review of PAGnet and submits reports, supported by the WHO Secretariat, which can be shared with its members.



Chair of the Advisory Group

The Advisory Group elects a Chair from among the Advisory Group members. The Chair will serve for a term of one year and is eligible for re-election, but should not serve more than two consecutive terms. The Chair presides over Advisory Group sessions. The Advisory Group elects from among its members a Vice-Chair, following the same procedures.