List of communities of practice

List of communities of practice

The Sharing Corner provides institutions and professionals engaged in the strengthening and maintenance of IHR core capacities with opportunities for knowledge building and collaborative learning facilitated through communities of practice sharing common technical goals.

Name Purpose Access
Global IHR NFP Knowledge Network

•    Create an up-to-date repository of knowledge, tools, and best practices to prevent, detect, and respond to public health events

•    Enhance information sharing on event detection, assessment and reporting between NFPs and WHO IHR contact points

•    Reinforce IHR NFP functions in the member states through a common platform

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National Rapid Response Teams Network

  Foster continued collaboration between former participants of the RRT training, facilitators, partner institutions and WHO

  Exchange of information to improve rapid response and related activities at the national/ local level

PAGnet   Tap technical expertise of partners and achieve synergy regarding public health activities at ports, airports and ground crossings and related to international travel and transport
  Promote harmonized technical guidance and instruments for global public health capacity building