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WHO FCTC Indicator Compendium

WHO FCTC Indicator Compendium

The Convention Secretariat has developed an Indicator Compendium to facilitate access to treaty-specific indicators and their usage by Parties, in response to the mandate given by the fifth session of the Conference of the Parties (decision FCTC/COP5(11)). The Indicator Compendium was published in 2013, therefore first available for the 2014 reporting cycle.

The Compendium may also be utilized for data collection and epidemiological surveillance of tobacco use and related social, economic and health indicators within countries, in addition to further facilitating exchange of information on these indicators at both regional and global levels, in line with Parties’ obligations under Articles 20.3 and 20.4 of the Convention.

The Indicator Compendium recommends several specific indicators under the following broader categories:

  • Prevalence of tobacco smoking in the adult population
  • Prevalence of smokeless tobacco use in the adult population
  • Prevalence of tobacco use by youth
  • Exposure to tobacco smoke in the adult population
  • Exposure to tobacco smoke in youth
  • Tobacco-related mortality
  • Tobacco-related costs
  • Supply of tobacco and tobacco products
  • Seizures of tobacco products
  • Tobacco growing
  • Taxation of tobacco products
  • Price of tobacco products

Read the full Indicator Compendium here