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New article: Litigation in tobacco control: past, present and future - 31 March 2022

Screenshot: article in BMJ Tobacco Control journal titled Litigation in tobacco control: past, present and future

We were pleased to contribute an article to the 30th anniversary edition of Tobacco Control, titled 'Litigation in tobacco control: Past, present and future'. The paper, co-authored by Suzanne Zhou, Evita Ricafort, Rachel Devotsu of the Knowledge Hub, and Davi Bressler of the Attorney-General's office of Brazil, examines recent developments in litigation across legal challenges, public interest litigation, and article 19 liability cases.

The paper is available open-access at and the abstract is excerpted below:


This paper reviews progress in tobacco litigation since Tobacco Control’s founding 30 years ago, with a focus on cases which are ongoing or recently decided. Litigation in tobacco control falls into several classes: legal challenges brought by the tobacco industry to block implementation of tobacco control measures, public interest litigation brought by civil society to push for higher standards of implementation of tobacco control measures and liability litigation by governments and individuals to hold the tobacco industry accountable for the harm it causes. In each class of cases, there are a number of major case studies which show the importance of international frameworks, including most significantly the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control, to tobacco litigation.