Infectious Substances Shipping Training (e-ISST)
- An online refresher course for shippers - 

The ability to detect, confirm or control global disease threats often relies on the transfer of patient samples and other biological materials between healthcare providers and laboratories. In order to ensure safe and timely operations, shippers of infectious substances must have appropriate knowledge on the national and international processes and regulations addressing transport by air, road, rail and sea. Training in this area contributes to improving compliance with applicable regulations, ensuring safety of staff, the public and the environment. Compliance also increases access to carrier services, and subsequent timely package delivery.

This online course is divided into nine modules addressing the classification, documentation, marking, labelling, packaging of infectious substances, and the preparation of shipments requiring the use of dry ice. This course covers the shipping of:

1. Category A Infectious Substances
2. Category B Biological Substances
3. Exempt Human & Animal Substances
4. Shipping under various circumstances including the use of dry ice, dry shippers and overpacks.
Transport of any infectious substances is strictly regulated, in particular Category A materials, and appropriate training is required. This course may only be used to re-certify individuals who have previously completed a WHO’s infectious substances shipping training (ISST) course successfully. Access to the re-certification examination is restricted and requires at least 80% of correct answers to obtain the certificate, valid for 2 years from the date of completion.

Disclaimer: By proceeding to this course, you acknowledge that the information relating to your certification (including name, contact information and results) will be held in a database at WHO, and may be shared with training partners at IATA