Who can become a corresponding member of the SoINN ?

The corresponding members of the SoINN are legal persons who want to get involved in the dissemination of the use of INNs, in teaching based on INNs, in research activities. These may include: academic centers, health professional associations, continuing professional development organizations, hospital services or clinics, etc.

Three levels of participation are proposed.


To become a ‘Friend of INN’


Becoming 'friend of INNs' is the first level of commitment.

The aim of the Friends of INNs is to make the best use of existing resources in SoINN without the need to create new materials.

The 'Friend of INNs' are committed to :

·         use INNs in all their activities (teaching, care, research ...).

·         use the platform and in particular existing courses in their teaching activities,

·         promote the proper use of INNs,

·         encourage students and health professionals to take courses on the platform (for example by awarding points or units of value as part of a pharmacology module).

To become a Pilot Center

Use, Participate

In addition to using the material available at SoINN, the pilot centers commit to actively participate in the SoINN and the INN Programme.

The actions can be of various kinds:

·         translation or transliteration of e-learning courses already present on the platform in languages other than English,

·         realization of adapted courses for specific audiences: nurses, midwives, dental surgeons, medical students or pharmacists…, 

·         to comment on new INNs selected by INN Experts Group,

·         carry out research such as epidemiological surveys on the use of INNs


SoINN pilot centers:
UWC Logo University of the Wester Cape
 UPO Logo Università degli Studi del Piemonte Orientale “Amedeo Avogadro”
Grenoble Logo Université Grenoble Alpes
University of Monastir Logo
Universidad de Alcalá
University of Monastir
Universitat Ramon Llull Logo
Universitat Ramon Llull

To become a Collaborating Center

Use, Participate, Support

A WHO Collaborating Center is defined as "... an institution designated  by the Director-General to form part of an international collaborative network carrying out activities in support of the Organization’s programs at all levels”.


Pilot centers can become Collaborating Centers with in-depth actions to develop and improve the performance of the SoINN and the INN Programme.

Essentially, these are teaching and research actions.

This research can be of various kinds:

·         epidemiological studies,

·         analysis of drug errors related to the use of INNs,

·         proposals for the definition of new stems

·         animation of working groups to define guidelines for naming drug substances in new areas such as advanced therapies,…



Practical ways of applying to become a corresponding member

To become a corresponding member a formal letter should be addressed to the INN Programme Secretariat. The SoINN Steering Committee in collaboration with the INN Programme will review the applications regularly.

Once the submission validated, the applicant will be given the account where to enter all the information and become part of the SoINN community

 Dr R. Balocco Mattavelli
World Health Organization
1211 Geneva 27
Fax: +41 22 791 47 30


For information on INN and the SoINN, please contact the innprogramme@who.int

Dr R. Balocco Mattavelli
World Health Organization
1211 Geneva 27
Fax: +41 22 791 47 30

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