Statements by non-State actors in official relations with WHO at the WHO governing bodies meetings

This online WHO platform is being provided for non-State actors in official relations with WHO to post the statements they intend to present at the WHO Governing Bodies meetings and to enable them to make their views known in advance of the debates.

The statements posted by the entities reflect solely the views of the non-State actors concerned and do not reflect the views of, nor are endorsed by WHO. WHO Secretariat shall in no way be responsible for the accuracy, veracity and completeness of these statements, nor for the titles of individuals, organizations and/or specific doctrines contained therein.

Statements should focus on technical issues and should be directly relevant to both the agenda item and to the document prepared for the item. Statements should not raise issues of political nature, nor issues that are unrelated to the agenda item, and should not contain any inappropriate or offensive reference to Member States. While there should not be reference to any individual Member States, or areas of Member States, it is recalled that nomenclature must follow that of the United Nations.

Statements will be made only at the invitation of the Chairperson. Only statements presented verbally at the invitation of the Chairperson will be considered in WHO’s official records.

The statements are posted for a limited time period as determined by WHO Secretariat, and will not be retained on the website thereafter.