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How to use this repository?

Each tool is categorized according to four perspectives: the health system building blocks it addresses; the national health planning stage it can support; the groups of attributes of the Joint Assessment of National Strategies tool (JANS) it can support to elaborate, and the health system level that the tool targets.

Users can search this resource centre for the tool that best fits needs based on these perspectives. Some tools cut across several elements of each of the perspectives presented above. The added value of this inventory is that it provides information linked to the practical implementation of the tool which helps implementers address the prerequisites and requirements that need to be in place before using the tool.

The following information is provided for each tool:

  • The purpose and scope outlines the objectives of the tool and the questions that it helps answer.
  • The description of tool describes the main features of the tool, data requirements, its outputs, underlying assumptions for the method described (if applicable) and its main strengths and weaknesses.
  • Information under key users gives details on the target group (to whom the outputs of the tool are intended), on expected initiators of work related to the tool, and on expected users/implementers.
  • The prerequisites for using the tools refer to the minimum requirements that need to be in place or preliminary activities that need to occur prior to utilization.
  • The information under national requirements presents details on required staff skills and time, and on the cost (including training costs) for introducing the tool in a country up to routine implementation.
  • Reliance on external support is relevant as it provides estimates of training efforts and technical support that the country needs before coming proficient in using the tool.
  • For more detailed information, links are made available for accessing each tool and its supporting documents. The name and email of the responsible person at WHO is also included at the end of each summary.

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