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EM/RC52/R.5/2005: Substance use and dependence

WHO Regional Committee for the Eastern Mediterranean UN and WHO Resolutions and Declarations Resolutions and Declarations on Alcohol and Substance Use 1 September 2005 Resolution

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URGES Member States to:
1.1 Establish or strengthen a functional multisectoral national coordinating body to address all issues related to substance use and dependence;

1.2 Make a wide range of approaches and interventions available to address different aspects of primary prevention, through programmes like life skills education, and different levels of care, rehabilitation and harm reduction, with major reliance on community-based mechanisms and not only hospital based services;

1.3 Establish an information system and undertake focused research to monitor the changing trends in substance use and dependence and alcohol consumption, and foster the building of an evidence base;

1.4 Address alcohol consumption as a potentially major public health issue and develop mechanisms for monitoring production, import and smuggling and ways to control consumption and deal with the health hazards of alcohol;

1.5 Enact national legislation that considers the substance-dependent as patients not criminals and toughens the punishment of drug dealers;

1.6 Stimulate the religious self-deterrent through explaining the religious ruling against alcohol and drug use, and applying religious teachings in control and prevention;


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