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The European Mental Health Action Plan (EUR/RC63/11 + EUR/RC63/Conf.Doc./8) 10 July 2013

World Health Organization Europe WHO Resources WHO Regional Strategies and Action Plans 10 July 2013 Policy document

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Mental disorders are one of the top public health challenges in the WHO European Region, as measured by prevalence, burden of disease and disability, affecting more than a third of the population every year. In all countries, most mental disorders are much more prevalent among those who are most deprived.

The WHO European Region therefore faces diverse challenges affecting both the (mental) well-being of the population and the provision of care for people with mental health problems. Systemic and coherent actions are needed to address these challenges. The European Mental Health Action Plan focuses on seven interlinked objectives and proposes effective and integrated actions to strengthen mental health and well-being in the European Region. Investing in mental health is essential for the sustainability of health and social policies in the European Region.

This document contains a draft European Mental Health Action Plan that corresponds to the four priority areas of the new European policy framework for health and well-being, Health 2020, and will contribute directly to its implementation.

The Action Plan has been developed in close consultation with Member States, guided by the Standing Committee of the WHO Regional Committee for Europe. The Regional Director for Europe and the Regional Office wish to thank all Member States and others who have contributed to developing this Action Plan.


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