LatviaTuberculosis profile
Population  2018 1.9 million
Estimates of TB burdenº, 2018 Number (thousands) Rate
(per 100 000 population)
Total TB incidence 0.56 (0.48–0.65) 29 (25–33)
HIV-positive TB incidence 0.035 (0.012–0.07) 1.8 (0.61–3.7)
MDR/RR-TB incidenceºº 0.063 (0.042–0.089) 3.3 (2.2–4.6)
HIV-negative TB mortality 0.051 (0.051–0.052) 2.7 (2.6–2.7)
HIV-positive TB mortality <0.01 (<0.01–0.011) 0.28 (0.08–0.59)
Estimated proportion of TB cases with MDR/RR-TB, 2018
New cases 8% (5.4–11)
Previously treated cases 31% (19–44)
TB case notifications, 2018  
Total new and relapse  
          - % tested with rapid diagnostics at time of diagnosis  
          - % with known HIV status  
          - % pulmonary  
          - % bacteriologically confirmedººº  
          - % children aged 0-14 years  
          - % women  
          - % men  
Total cases notified  
Universal health coverage and social protection  
TB treatment coverage (notified/estimated incidence), 2018  
TB patients facing catastrophic total costs  
TB case fatality ratio (estimated mortality/estimated incidence), 2018 10% (9–12)
TB/HIV care in new and relapse TB patients, 2018 Number (%)
Patients with known HIV status who are HIV-positive    
          - on antiretroviral therapy    
Drug-resistant TB care, 2018
% of bacteriologically confirmed TB cases tested for rifampicin resistance ººº
          - New cases  
          - Previously treated cases  
Laboratory-confirmed cases* MDR/RR-TB: , XDR-TB:
Patients started on treatment* ** MDR/RR-TB: 41, XDR-TB: 6
MDR/RR-TB cases tested for resistance to second-line drugs  
Treatment success rate and cohort size Success Cohort
New cases registered in 2017    
Previously treated cases registered in 2017    
HIV-positive TB cases registered in 2017    
MDR/RR-TB cases started on second-line treatment in 2016    
XDR-TB cases started on second-line treatment in 2016    
TB preventive treatment, 2018  
% of HIV-positive people (newly enrolled in care) on preventive treatment  
% of children (aged < 5) household contacts of bacteriologically-confirmed
TB cases on preventive treatment
TB financing, 2019  
National TB budget (US$ millions) 2.2
Funding source: 100% domestic,  international, 0% unfunded
º Ranges represent uncertainty intervals
ºº MDR is TB resistant to rifampicin and isoniazid; RR is TB resistant to rifampicin
ººº Calculated for pulmonary cases only
* Includes cases with unknown previous TB treatment history
** Includes patients diagnosed before 2018 and patients who were not laboratory-confirmed
(Rate per 100 000 population per year)
Incidence graph
   Total TB incidence
   New and relapse TB cases notified
   HIV-positive TB incidence

(Rate per 100 000 population per year)
Mortality graph
   HIV-negative TB mortality

Notified cases by age group and sex, 2018

Treatment success rate (%)
tx success graph
   New cases
   Previously treated cases
   HIV-positive   MDR/RR-TB   XDR-TB

Total budget (US$ millions)
Budget funding Graph
__Funded internationally
__Funded domestically
 Data are as reported to WHO. Estimates of TB and MDR-TB burden are produced by WHO in consultation with countries.
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