CanadaTuberculosis profile
Population  2014 36 million
Estimates of TB burden * 2014 Number (thousands) Rate
(per 100 000 population)
Mortality (excludes HIV+TB) 0.082 (0.081–0.082) 0.23 (0.23–0.23)
Mortality (HIV+TB only) 0.016 (<0.01–0.025) 0.04 (0.03–0.07)
Prevalence  (includes HIV+TB) 2.3 (0.99–4.2) 6.5 (2.8–12)
Incidence  (includes HIV+TB) 1.9 (1.6–2.1) 5.2 (4.6–5.9)
Incidence (HIV+TB only) 0.1 (0.079–0.13) 0.29 (0.22–0.36)
Case detection, all forms (%)        
Estimates of MDR-TB burden * 2014   New   Retreatment
% of TB cases with MDR-TB 1.4 (0.7–2.4) 4.6 (0.96–13)
MDR-TB cases among notified pulmonary
TB cases
  (–)   (–)
TB case notifications 2014 New ** Relapse
Pulmonary, bacteriologically confirmed      
Pulmonary, clinically diagnosed      
Total new and relapse      
Previously treated, excluding relapses      
Total cases notified      
Reported cases of RR-/MDR-TB 2014 New Retreatment Total **
Cases tested for RR-/MDR-TB      
Laboratory-confirmed RR-/MDR-TB cases      
Patients started on MDR-TB treatment ***      
TB/HIV 2014 Number (%)
TB patients with known HIV status    
HIV-positive TB patients    
HIV-positive TB patients on co-trimoxazole preventive therapy (CPT)    
HIV-positive TB patients on antiretroviral therapy (ART)    
HIV-positive people screened for TB    
HIV-positive people provided with IPT    
Treatment success rate and cohort size (%) Cohort
New and relapse cases registered in 2013    
Previously treated cases, excluding relapse, registered in 2013    
HIV-positive TB cases, all types, registered in 2013    
RR-/MDR-TB cases started on second-line treatment in 2012    
XDR-TB cases started on second-line treatment in 2012    
Laboratories 2014  
Is second-line drug susceptibility testing available? Yes, in country
Financing TB control 2015  
National TB programme budget (US$ millions)  
* Ranges represent uncertainty intervals
** Includes cases with unknown previous TB treatment history
*** Includes patients diagnosed before 2014 and patients who were not laboratory-confirmed as having
(Rate per 100 000 population per year)
Mortality graph
   Mortality  (excludes HIV+TB)

(Rate per 100 000 population)
Prevalence graph

(Rate per 100 000 population per year)
Incidence graph
   Notified (new and relapse)   Incidence
   Incidence (HIV+TB only)

(Number of patients)
CPT ART graph
   HIV-positive TB patients
   on CPT   on ART

Treatment success rate (%)
tx success graph
   New   Retreatment
   New and relapse   Retreatment, excluding
   HIV-positive   RR-/MDR-TB   XDR-TB

 Data are as reported to WHO. Estimates of TB and MDR-TB burden are produced by WHO in consultation with countries.
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