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  • AFRO NAPHS Training
    Time and time again, Africa as a continent experiences public health events resulting into increased morbidity and mortality. Several countries in the continent are already struggling in development and provision of adequate universal health care needs to their population. Over t... Read More
  • Request for public comment - "A Checklist for Pandemic Influenza Preparedness and Risk Management"
    Dear colleagues, To assist countries’ pandemic preparedness planning efforts, WHO Global Influenza Programme is developing a checklist for implementing the WHO guidance document on pandemic influenza preparedness – the “Pandemic Influenza Risk Management” (PIRM). The checklist wa... Read More
  • After Action Review of a CCHF outbreak in Mauritania
    In September 2017, the Ministry of Health of Mauritania organized an After Action Review (AAR) of the recent outbreak of Crimean Congo Haemorrhagic Fever (CCHF) which occurred May to July, 2017. The three day workshop was held 19-21 September in Nouakchott and involved over 50 pa... Read More
  • Indonesia “Pandemic Influenza Epicenter” Simulation Exercise
    On 19-20 September 2017, Indonesia has conducted its third “Pandemic Influenza Epicenter” Simulation with the financial and technical support of WHO.  The full-scale exercice, which took place in South Tangerang Municipality of Banten Province, involved the participation of about... Read More
  • NAPHS Myanmar
    Following the results of the JEE report, the government of Myanmar requested WHO support in developing the National Action Plan for Health Security (NAPHS). Myanmar is the first country in SEARO to launch NAPHS with integrated budgets. This shows strong commitment and domestic/co... Read More
  • United Republic of Tanzania - NAPHS Launch
    From the Office of the Prime Minister, United Republic of Tanzania Disease outbreaks always bring high costs to the lives of our communities and countries. The full costs of the Ebola epidemic in West Africa have already shown that the burden is broad in terms of short-term cost... Read More
  • NAPHS Pre-Planning Workshop in Namibia
    Following the results of the Joint External Evaluation carried out in December 2016, the government of Namibia requested WHO’s support in initiating the development of the National Action Plan for Health Security (NAPHS). The three-day workshop took place from 15th to 17th August... Read More
  • After Action Review for the cholera outbreak response kicks off in Tanzania
    Morogoro, 13-18 August 2017: The government of Tanzania is battling an outbreak of cholera that has since August 2015 affected more than 26,000 people and claimed 410 lives. Ending the outbreak and preventing its spread beyond Tanzania's borders is a high priority for WHO. To tha... Read More
  • Delivering Global Health Security through Sustainable Financing
    The high-level meeting on “Delivering Global Health Security through Sustainable Financing” was convened by WHO and the Government of the Republic of Korea in Seoul on 26-27 July 2017. The aim of the meeting was to identify sustainable financing mechanisms and ways to increase an... Read More