Strategic Partnership



Since the IHR (2005), WHO, countries, donors and partners have created and accumulated a large amount of resources to prevent, detect, respond to and recover from public health emergencies. However, most of these resources are usually only accessible by a limited number of stakeholders.

The Strategic Partnership for International Health Regulations (IHR 2005) and Health Security has endeavored to map these resources and make them available to all Member States, partners and donors in ways that increase efficiency, effectiveness and collaboration on the implementation of IHR and health security.

Strategic Partnership Resources (SPR) therefore provides Member States, donors and partners with a wide and growing array of country data and donor profiles, expert profiles, guidelines, tools, resource mapping, and useful links. We encourage Member States, partners, and donors to share data on IHR implementation and health security and bridges the gaps and needs of countries and the priorities of partners and donors by facilitating the matching of technical and financial resources.

List of resources

Strategic Partnership Resources are listed by groupings.

International Health Regulations Monitoring and Evaluation Framework (IHR MEF)

National Action Plans on Health Security (NAPHS)


Matching Partnership Resources



Online Training for Health Security