IHR Travel and Trade Measures

Under the IHR (2005), a State Party implementing additional health measures, that significantly interfere with international traffic, shall inform WHO of such measures and provide their public health rationale and scientific information within 48 hours of implementation. WHO is required to share the information about such health measures and the public health rationale with other States Parties. Once the public health rationale has been reviewed and assessed by WHO, WHO may request the concerned State Party to reconsider the application of the measures.

Health measures applied during outbreaks under the IHR (2005) must be based on scientific principles and evidence, respect of human rights and fundamental freedom of travellers, and not be more invasive or intrusive than reasonably available alternatives.

WHO continues to closely monitor and, if necessary, verify travel and trade measures in relation to this event.

IHR Emergency Committe for Ebola Virus Disease in DRC