Ghana TTX Apr.2018

African Region
Date of exercise: 
26 April 2018 to 28 April 2018
Activity Type: 


AFRO Regional Programme Management Meeting 56

The general objective of the simulation exercise is to increase level of WR’s knowledge on health emergency preparedness and response in line with the new WHE reform.

Specifically, the simulation exercise will:

I. Allow participants to gain an understanding of IHR (2005) core capacities including compliance in order to facilitate a timely and effective Public Health emergency response

II. Increase awareness about WHO’s Emergency Response Framework and related tools and SOPs, as well as the WHO IMS and it functions

III. Provide WRs the with an opportunity to discuss their roles, responsibilities and in the context of Public Health emergency response involving multiple sectors/partners


IV. Familiarize the participants with global level coordination and collaboration in the context of a Public Health event requiring a multi sectoral, multi-agency and whole-of-government response.


WHO HQ Focal Point: 
Fred Copper
Denis Charles
All WHO head of country offices (47) from all the WHO offices in AFRO would be part of the exercise during the RPM.