Strategic Partnership



The Strategic Partnership Forum (SPF) events are high-level events that bring together Member States, multi-sectoral partners and donors to

  • foster relationships among national, regional and global health security actors;
  • align investment priorities for the current and future IHR and health security needs and gaps; and
  • enhance collaboration and cooperation for health security.

Forum events provide opportunities for relevant stakeholders to assess national, regional and global progress on the IHR (2005), give input into the global strategic framework for multi-sectoral partnership for IHR and health security, and commit to supporting Member States implement their National Action Plans for Health Security (NAPHS).

Forum events are designed to facilitate convergence of the IHR (2005) with other key strategic areas such as influenza, anti-microbial resistance (AMR), universal health coverage, Strategic Development Goals (SDGs) and resilient and strengthened health systems.

The first Strategic Partnership Forum will be held in Cape Town, South Africa, in September 2018.