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Preconception, pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum care

Induction of labour

This section includes RHL summaries of published systematic reviews on various aspects of pregnancy and childbirth, including preconception care, management of miscarriage, antenatal care, medical problems in pregnancy, disorders that might affect the unborn baby, complications arising during pregnancy, the induction of labour, and the care of the mother and newborn during and immediately after childbirth.
Woman in labour stretching her back while seated on the edge of the bed.

Oral misoprostol for induction of labour

A health worker is measuring sugar level of a patient.

Induction of labour in women with gestational diabetes

Pregnant woman receiving intravenous oxytocin.

Methods of term labour induction for women with a previous cesarean section

A doctor examines a pregnant woman before her delivery, Bangladesh.

Induction of labour in women at or beyond term

A nurse times the contractions of a woman in labour in health center, Uzbekistan

High-dose versus low-dose oxytocin infusion regimens for induction of labour at term

A mother with her two 6 month old twins

Elective birth at 37 weeks’ gestation for women with an uncomplicated twin pregnancy

Prenatal care and test: woman getting an ultrasound done by a doctor

Outpatient versus inpatient induction of labour for improving birth outcomes

Newborn baby boy of 5 kg on a scale

Induction of labour for suspected fetal macrosomia

A pregnant woman in labour sits on the edge of a bed, Dominican Republic

Mechanical methods for induction of labour

Pregnant woman in a labour room, India

Misoprostol for cervical ripening and induction of labour

Woman on a delivery table in India.

Misoprostol for induction of labour to terminate pregnancy in the second or third trimester for women with a fetal anomaly or after intrauterine fetal death