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Preconception, pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum care

Care during childbirth

Care during labour - 1st stage

This section includes RHL summaries of published systematic reviews on various aspects of pregnancy and childbirth, including preconception care, management of miscarriage, antenatal care, medical problems in pregnancy, disorders that might affect the unborn baby, complications arising during pregnancy, the induction of labour, and the care of the mother and newborn during and immediately after childbirth.
Pregnant woman receiving intravenous oxytocin.

WHO recommendation on pain relief for preventing delay in labour

Pregnant woman sitting on hospital bed and drinking water.

WHO recommendation on oral fluid and food intake during labour

Pregnant woman standing against a wall in a maternity ward

WHO recommendation on maternal mobility and position during labour

A midwife listens to the heartbeat of an unborn baby using a Pinard horn.

WHO recommendation on intermittent fetal heart rate auscultation during labour

Close up of epidural analgesia.

WHO recommendation on epidural analgesia for pain relief during labour

Pregnant in labour in hospital room.

WHO recommendation on opioid analgesia for pain relief during labour