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Preconception, pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum care

This section includes RHL summaries of published systematic reviews on various aspects of pregnancy and childbirth, including preconception care, management of miscarriage, antenatal care, medical problems in pregnancy, disorders that might affect the unborn baby, complications arising during pregnancy, the induction of labour, and the care of the mother and newborn during and immediately after childbirth.


Injection vaccine closeup

Immunotherapy for recurrent miscarriage

A young woman is aided by her mother and a nurse as she goes into early labour and miscarries her baby.

Expectant care versus surgical treatment for miscarriage

A doctor uses  a foetal stethoscope to examine a pregnant woman during a routine prenatal check-up, Pakistan.

Medical treatment for early fetal death (less than 24 weeks)

Antenatal care

A health worker examines a pregnant woman, Cuba.

Traditional birth attendant (TBA) training for improving health behaviours and pregnancy outcomes

An expectant mother in Mongolia, receives an ultrasound exam at a regional centre for diagnostic and medical treatment.

Specialized antenatal care clinics for women with a pregnancy at high risk of preterm birth (excluding multiple pregnancy) to improve maternal and infant outcomes

Pregnant woman in Bangladesh at an antenatal care visit.

Alternative packages of antenatal care for low-risk pregnant women

Medical problems during pregnancy

A glass of water and capsules

Micronutrient supplementation in pregnant women with HIV infection

A HIV positive woman prepares to take her ARV medicine, Uganda.

Antiretroviral therapy (ART) for treating HIV infection in ART-eligible pregnant women

Disorders affecting the unborn baby

Pregnant woman getting ultrasound from doctor

Routine ultrasound in late pregnancy (after 24 weeks’ gestation)

A health worker performs an ultrasound scan on a pregnant woman, Senegal.

Ultrasound for fetal assessment in early pregnancy

Bolivia: a pregnant woman undergoing a prenatal exam.

Symphysial fundal height (SFH) measurement in pregnancy for detecting abnormal fetal growth

Induction of labour

Oral misoprostol for induction of labour

Induction of labour in women with gestational diabetes

Methods of term labour induction for women with a previous cesarean section

Postpartum care

Photo of intrauterine devices

Immediate postpartum insertion of intrauterine device for contraception

Treatments for breast abscess in breastfeeding women

A young woman sitting holding her head with her hands.

Antidepressant treatment for postnatal depression