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Newborn health

Management of the unwell newborn

This section contains RHL summaries of published systematic reviews on care of the newborn infant, newborn nutrition and feeding and management of unwell newborns.
A nurse cares for an infant in the neonatal intensive care unit of a Paediatric Hospital in Gaza Strip.

Surfactant for meconium aspiration syndrome in term and late preterm infants

A nurse looks after a sleeping premature baby in an incubator, Azerbajan

Delayed introduction of progressive enteral feeds to prevent necrotising enterocolitis in very low birth weight infants

Respiratory therapist with a 3-day-old baby in an intensive care unit.

Furosemide for transient tachypnoea of the newborn

Baby in incubator

Volume-targeted versus pressure-limited ventilation in the neonate

Preterm infant with assisted ventilation.

Restricted versus liberal oxygen exposure for preventing morbidity and mortality in preterm or low birth weight infants