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Newborn health

Care of the newborn infant

This section contains RHL summaries of published systematic reviews on care of the newborn infant, newborn nutrition and feeding and management of unwell newborns.
Mother with her newborn baby.

WHO recommendation on breastfeeding as soon as possible after birth

Syringe and bottle

WHO recommendation on haemorrhagic disease prophylaxis using vitamin K

Mother holding her newborn

WHO recommendation on bathing and other immediate postnatal care of the newborn


WHO recommendation on newborn routine nasal or oral suction

A mother has her baby in close skin to skin contact right after birth, Mali.

WHO recommendation on skin-to-skin contact during the first hour after birth

Newborn baby lying on table in maternity ward

Standardised formal neonatal resuscitation training (SFNRT) programmes for reducing mortality and morbidity in newborn infants