Summary: FPPs & APIs Invited for Prequalification/Prequalified/Under Assessment

This summary:

  • brings together information on all the finished pharmcaeutical products (FPPs) and active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) currently invited for prequalification (contained in the Invitations to Manufacturers to Submit an Expression of Interest for Product Evaluation)
  • indicates the number (if any) of prequalified FPPs or APIs for each FPP or API currently invited for prequalification
  • indicates the number (if any) of applications under assessment for FPP or API currently invited for prequalification.

All the FPPs listed are needed for international and/or national procurement. WHO invites manufacturers of these products to submit them for WHO prequalification.

For some FPPs, demand is significant. In such instances, the number of prequalified FPPs required may be higher than the three to five prequalified FPPs that are usually considered sufficient for the purpose of ensuring sustainable supply at an affordable price.