Prequalification Pipeline

The term “prequalification pipeline” is used to refer to finished pharmaceutical products (FPPs) and active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) accepted for and currently undergoing evaluation by WHO for prequalification. It is in a state of constant flux since (metaphorically) products move into and out of the pipeline at different times. Two types of information are available to help stakeholders understand what the prequalification pipeline currently contains and how it relates to FPPs and APIs currently invited for assessment and FPPs and APIs already prequalified.

Summary: FPPs & APIs invited/prequalified/under assessment

The section Summary: FPPS & APIs invited/prequalified/under assessment lists all the FPPs and APIs that are currently invited for prequalification. In addition it lists the number of FPPs and APIs (if any) that have been prequalified and the number of products (if any) currently undergoing assessment.

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FPPs under assessment

The section FPPs under assessment presents information on the FPP dossiers currently under assessment. Each FPP listed includes the relevant international proprietary name, the strength and dosage form of the medicine, and an indication of whether assessment of the quality and efficacy parts of the FPP dossier has been completed.

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