Quality Control Laboratories for Medicines

Quality control laboratories included on the WHO List of Prequalified Medicines Quality Control Laboratories have been assessed, inspected and found to comply with Good Practices for Pharmaceutical Quality Control Laboratories, Good Practices for Pharmaceutical Microbiology Control Laboratories and relevant components of WHO Good Manufacturing Practice.

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Titlesort descending Applicant Organization Date of prequalification Country Region
Bangladesh - NCL Directorate General of Drug Administration 16 Mar 2020 Bangladesh SEARO
Belarus-RCAL Centre for Expertise and Testing in Health Care UE, Ministry of Health Care of the Republic of Belarus 21 Jun 2012 Belarus EURO
Belgium - SCM DGO Association Pharmaceutique Belge - SCM-DGO 30 Oct 2015 Belgium EURO
Belgium - ULG Université de Liège - Departement de Pharmacie 19 Dec 2016 Belgium EURO
Belgium-SGS Lab Simon SGS Lab Simon SA 31 May 2011 Belgium EURO
Bolivia-CONCAMYT Laboratory for the Quality Control of Drugs and Toxicology / Laboratorio de Control de Calidad de Medicamentos y Toxicologia (CONCAMYT) 16 Sep 2010 Bolivia AMRO
Brazil - FUNED Ezequiel Dias Foundation (FUNED), Institute Octavio Magalhães, Medicines Service of Public Health Central Laboratory 20 Oct 2011 Brazil AMRO
Brazil - INCQS Instituto Nacional de Controle de Qualidade em Saude / National Institute of Health Quality Control (INCQS) 11 Mar 2014 Brazil AMRO
Brazil-LACEN-GO The Drug Service of the Public Laboratory Dr Giovanni Cysneiros (LACEN-GO) 26 Jul 2018 Brazil AMRO
Canada-KABS KABS Laboratories Inc 10 Feb 2010 Canada AMRO
China - NIFDC National Institutes for Food and Drug Control (NIFDC) 20 Nov 2012 China WPRO
China - SZIDC Shenzhen Institute for Drug Control 01 May 2018 China WPRO
Colombia-INVIMA Instituto Nacional de Vigilancia de Medicamentos y Alimentos (INVIMA) 07 Sep 2020 Colombia AMRO
Croatia - HALMED OMCL Official Medicines Control Laboratory Division (OMCL Division) of the Agency for medicinal products and medical devices 16 Jun 2016 Croatia EURO
France - APTYS Aptys Pharmaservices 26 Jul 2018 France EURO
France - Gimopharm Gimopharm Sarl 26 Jul 2018 France EURO
France-CHMP Centre Humanitaire des Métiers de la Pharmacie (CHMP) 28 Oct 2008 France EURO
Germany-InphA InphA GmbH - Institute for Pharmaceutical and Applied Analytics 01 Apr 2014 Germany EURO
Ghana - FDA QCL Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) 09 Nov 2022 Ghana AFRO
India - Sipra Sipra Labs Limited 07 Sep 2020 India SEARO
India - Stabicon Stabicon Life Sciences Pvt Ltd 09 Dec 2013 India SEARO
India - Vimta (Genome V) Vimta Labs Ltd 17 Jul 2008 India SEARO
India-IPL Indian Pharmacopoiea Commission - Indian Pharmacopoeial Laboratory 15 May 2015 India SEARO
Indonesia - NQCLDF National Quality Control Laboratory of Drug and Food 10 Dec 2019 Indonesia SEARO
Iran-FDCL Food and Drugs Control Refence Laboratories (FDCRL), Ministry of Health and Medical Education 01 Mar 2016 Iran, Islamic Rep. EMRO
Kazakhstan - RSE on REM Karaganda National Center for Expertise of Medicines and Medical Devices (RSE on the REM) 16 Mar 2020 Kazakhstan EURO
Kenya - MEDS Mission for Essential Drugs & Supplies (MEDS) 23 Mar 2009 Kenya AFRO
Kenya-NQCL National Quality Control Laboratory (NQCL) 17 Jul 2008 Kenya AFRO
Lebanon - Arwan QCL Arwan Pharmaceutical Industries 16 Mar 2020 Lebanon EMRO
Mexico - CCAYAC Commission of Analytical Control and Coverage Extension (CCAYAC) 13 Nov 2013 Mexico AMRO
Morocco-LNCM Laboratoire national de contrôle des médicaments (LNCM), Direction du médicament et de la pharmacie, Ministère de la santé 17 Jul 2008 Morocco EMRO
Netherlands-SHU Synergy Health Utrecht BV - a Steris Company 23 Sep 2014 Netherlands EURO
Pakistan - DTL - Rawalpindi Government of Punjab, Primary and Secondary Healthcare Dept, Drug Testing Laboratory 08 Nov 2022 Pakistan EMRO
Pakistan - DTLF -Faisalabad Drugs Testing Laboratory Faisalabad 16 Mar 2020 Pakistan EMRO
Pakistan - PDTRC Pakistan Drugs Testing and Research Centre 03 Jul 2019 Pakistan EMRO
Portugal - INFARMED INFARMED IP 31 Aug 2011 Portugal EURO
Portugal - Laboratorios Basi Laboratorios Basi - Industria Farmaceutica SA 12 Jun 2013 Portugal EURO
Russia-FSBI SCEEMP Federal Service for Surveillance in Healthcare "Scientific Centre for Expert Evaluation of Medicinal Products" (SCEEMP) 21 May 2012 Russian Federation EURO
Singapore-TUV SUD PSB TÜV SÜD PSB Pte Ltd, Chemical & Materials (Food & Pharmaceutical Testing) 21 Aug 2009 Singapore WPRO
South Africa (M and L) M and L Laboratory Services (Pty) Ltd 18 Jul 2017 South Africa AFRO
South Africa - Adcock R+D Adcock Ingram Ltd Research & Development 15 Jan 2008 South Africa AFRO
South Africa-RIIP Research Institute for Industrial Pharmacy (RIIP) incorporating CENQAM 05 Jul 2005 South Africa AFRO
Switzerland-Intertek Intertek (Schweiz) AG 27 Oct 2014 Switzerland EURO
Tanzania-TMDA-QCL Tanzania Medicines and Medical Devices Authority (TMDA) 17 Jan 2011 Tanzania AFRO
Thailand-BDN Bureau of Drug and Narcotic (BDN), Department of Medical Sciences, Ministry of Public Health 02 Nov 2012 Thailand SEARO
Uganda_NDA-QCL National Drug Authority of Uganda 22 Jan 2015 Uganda AFRO
Ukraine - SSRL State Scientific Research Laboratory on Quality Control of Medicines 22 Jan 2016 Ukraine EURO
Ukraine-CLQCM Central Laboratory for Quality Control of Medicines and Medical Products, State Drug Administration of Ukraine 16 Apr 2010 Ukraine EURO
Ukraine-LPA Laboratory of Pharmaceutical Analysis, State Expert Centre, Ministry of Health of Ukraine 16 Apr 2010 Ukraine EURO
Uruguay-CCCM Drug Quality Control Commission / Comisión para el Control de Calidad de Medicamentos (CCCM) 16 Sep 2010 Uruguay AMRO