Policies in Viet Nam

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Politique Date de débuttrier par ordre décroissant Date de fin
National Plan of Action for Nutrition 1995 2000
Decree No. 19/1999/ND-CP on the production and supply of iodised salt for human use 1999 ---
National Nutrition Strategy 2001 2010
Joint Circular No. 04/2001/TTLT/YT-TM-VHTT-UBBVCSTEVN guiding the implementation of Decree No. 74/2000/ND/CP of the Government on trading in and use of mother milk substitutes to protect and encourage breast-feeding 2001 ---
Plan of Action for Infant and Young Child Feeding 2006-2010 2006 2010
Decree on Trading In and Use of Nutritious Products for Infants (No. 21/2006/ND-CP) 2006 ---
National Nutrition Action Plan 2006 2010
Socio-economic plan 2006 2010
National IYCF Action Plan 2006 2010
Labour Code dated 23 June 1994, as amended to 2 April 2002 (effective 1 January 2003), [Law 35-2002-QH10]. Law amending and supplementing a number of articles of the Labour Code dated 29 November 2006 (effective 1 July 2007) also attached. Published by th 2007 ---
National Plan of Action for Child Survival 2009 – 2015 2009 2015
National Child Survival Action Plan 2010 2015
Health sector plan 2011 2020
National Nutrition Strategy for 2011-2020, With a vision toward 2030 2011 2020
National Plan of Action on Nutrition for 2012 – 2015 For Implementation of the National Nutrition Strategy for 2011 – 2020 2012 2015
United Nations Development Assistance Framework for Viet Nam- "One Plan" 2012 2016
National Plan of Action for Infant and Young Child Feeding 2012-2015 2012 2015
Law on Advertising 2012 ---
National Plan of Action for Infant and Young Child Feeding 2012 2015
National Plan of Action on Nutrition 2012 2015
Thông Tư Liên Tịch. Hướng dẫn ghi nhãn hàng hóa đối với thực phẩm, phụ gia thực phẩm và chất hỗ trợ chế biến thực phẩm bao gói sẵn [Joint Circular.Guidance on the labeling of goods for food, food additivesand pre-packaged food processing aids] 2014 ---
Quyết định 376/QĐ-TTg của Thủ tướng Chính phủ banh hành Chiến lược quốc gia phòng chống bệnh không lây nhiễm giai đoạn 2015-2025 [Decision No. 376/QĐ-TTg of Prime Minister to approve the National Strategy for prevention and control of NCD] 2015 2025
NGHỊ ĐỊNH Quy định về kinh doanh và sử dụng sản phẩm dinh dưỡng dùng cho trẻ nhỏ, bình bú và vú ngậm nhân tạo [DECREE On trading in and using of nutritional products for infants, feeding bottles and dummies] 2015 ---
National Action Plan on Communication and Advocacy for Dietary Salt Intake Reduction for Prevention and Control of Hypertension, Stroke and Other Non-Communicable Diseases, Period 2018-2025 2018 2025