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Commonwealth Department of Health, Housing and Community Services
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The strategies were endorsed by the Australian Health Ministers Conference 1 August 2001
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Comprehensive national nutrition policy, strategy or plan


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The goal of the food and nutrition policy is to improve health and reduce the preventable burden of diet-related early death, illness and disability among Australians. The policy will be implemented through strategies which support the Australian dietary guidelines, involve key sectors in the food system, and foster community participation.

The Policy requires coordinated effort between

  • health, education, transport, primary industry, and manufacturing industry sectors;
  • public, private and non-government agencies including community welfare agencies;
  • different spheres of government; and
  • the Australian consumer.

It is essential that strategies to improve health through improved nutrition are based on accurate data and research.


Priority Implementation Objectives

The Policy aims to:

  • to improve the knowledge and skills necessary for Australians to choose a healthy diet;
  • to incorporate food and nutrition objectives into a broad range of policy areas and sectors;
  • to support community based initiatives towards improving the diet of people with special needs; and
  • to regularly monitor the food and nutrition system.


Goals and Targets

As part of the implementation of the policy, diet and nutrition goals and targets will be defined. These will relate to the overall National Health Goals and Targets at present under development.

A draft set of diet and nutrition goals and targets are being released with the policy statement.


WHO Global Database on National Nutrition Policies and Programmes

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