Policy - National Plan of Action on Nutrition

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Food and Nutrition Board. Department of Women and Child Development. Ministry of Human Resource Development
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Interministerial Coordination Committee
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Comprehensive national nutrition policy, strategy or plan


Les buts, les objectifs ou les cibles de nutrition: 

National Nutrition Goals to be reached by 2000

1) to reduce moderate/severe malnutrition among pre-school children by half

2) to reduce chronic under nutrition and stunted growth in children

3) to reduce incidence of low birth weight to less than 10%

4) to eliminate blindness due to vitamin A deficiency

5) to reduce iron deficiency anaemia among pregnant women to 25%

6) to ensure universal iodization of salt to reduce iodine deficiency disorders (goitre prevalence) to 10%

7) to give due emphasis to Geriatric Nutrition

8) to produce 250 million tonnes of food grains

9) to improve household food security through poverty alleviation programmes

10) to promote appropriate diets and healthy lifestyles

11) to ensure national level food and security including adequate buffer stocks and national considerations in Agriculture Policy

12) to ensure food security at the household level by making the essential food available through the Public Distribution System to the people, particularly to the disadvantaged sections.

13) to provide convergent services under Education sector to enhance the nutrition and health status of the community with special emphasis on girls education and improved status of women

14) to popularize the growing of plants/trees supplying foods/ fruits with special emphasis on B-carotene(vitamin”A”) rich species in the Social Forestry Programmes with a view to create nutritional awareness and promote the consumption of nutritious foods

15)to improve the nutritional status of women and children through nutrition prophylaxis programmes, health and nutrition education and public health measures, besides achieving a small familynorm

16) to ensure Food Security in the country

17) to meet the nutritional needs of the people by giving nutrition orientation to the projects in food processing sector

18)to achieve health for all by 2000 A.D. through prevention and control of various forms of malnutrition, diseases related to inappropriate diets, creating health awareness among the people and ensuring adequate primary health care for all

19) to create a climate of awareness in the country about the importance of nutrition for the well-being of the people and ways and means of preventing various forms of malnutrition through its different units

20) to protect and promote the nutrition of various types of labor-agricultual, construction, industrial etc., with special emphasis on children and women at work, through formulation and enforcement of appropriate labor laws

21) to improve purchasing power of the people in rural areas through employment generation and poverty alleviation programmes with a view to improve food security at the household level

22) to ensure access to social services relating to Health Care, Nutrition, Women & Child Development , Pre-school and Non-Formal Education and Physical amenities like potable water supply, sanitation, sewerage, drainage etc. ; with view to improve the nutrition level of the urban poor

23) to promote nutrition of the disadvantaged sections of society by ensuring nutritional components in various welfare programmes

24) to ensure appropriate development of human resources both through direct nutrition interventions for specially vulnerable groups as well as through various development policy instruments for improved nutrition as laid down in National Nutrition Policy.  To improve nutrition and health of women and children through strengthening and expansion of ICDS programme and setting up of  appropriate systems for monitoring the follow-up actions under National Plan of Action for Children


General and specific objectives included in the 14 sectoral plans inside the National Plan of Action on Nutrition (i.e. Agriculture, Civil supplies, Education, Environement and Forests, Family welfare, Food, Food processing industries, Health, Information and broadcasting, Labour, Rural development, Urban development, Welfare and Women and child development).


WHO 2nd Global Nutrition Policy Review 2016-2017

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