Policy - National Nutrition Strategy

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Federal Ministry of Health, The Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia
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Comprehensive national nutrition policy, strategy or plan


Les buts, les objectifs ou les cibles de nutrition: 

""4. Objective The key objective of this National Nutrition Strategy (NNS) is to ensure that all Ethiopians secure adequate nutritional status in a sustainable manner, which is an essential requirement for a healthy and productive life. Specific objectives: 1. To provide due attention to malnutrition vulnerable groups of society, particularly under five children, pregnant and lactating women; 2. To ensure the citizens are free from malnutrition related health problems; 3. To protect the society from unhealthy dietary patterns and unhealthy lifestyle that may affect their health; and 4. To coordinate and support nutritional activities of all sectors, government, non-governmental organizations and individuals working to alleviate nutritional problems.""(pg.6)


WHO Global Nutrition Policy Review 2009-2010

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