Policy - NCD strategic plan

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Ministry of Health
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NCD policy, strategy or plan with healthy diet components


Les buts, les objectifs ou les cibles de nutrition: 
The Seychelles NCD Strategy adopts the 9 national voluntary targets agreed by WHO Member States:
1) 25% reduction of NCD
2) 10% reduction in alcohol use
3) 10% reduction in prevalence of insufficient physical activity
4) 30% reduction in mean population salt intake
5) 30% reduction in the prevalence of tobacco use
6) 25% reduction in the prevalence of raised blood pressure
7) 0% increase in obesity and diabetes
8) At least 50% of eligible people receiving drug therapy and counselling to prevent heart attack and stroke
9) At least 80% availability of the affordable technologies and essential medicines, including generics, required to treat major NCDs on both public and private facilities

WHO 2nd Global Nutrition Policy Review 2016-2017

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