Action - Integrated Malnutrition, HIV/AIDS & TB (IMHAT) Prevention and Control Project - Distribution of insecticide-treated bednets - Infants and young children

Programme: Integrated Malnutrition, HIV/AIDS & TB (IMHAT) Prevention and Control Project

Programme description

The goal of the IMHAT Project is to contribute to the reduction and prevention of malnutrition, HIV/AIDS, TB and thereby contribute to reduction of child mortality rates in the Nadowli, Kintampo South and Tolon-Kumbungu districts. The specifc objectives of the project include the following: 1.Improved quality of diet for children under-five years and families 2.Improved access to essential health services and a healthy environment 3. Improved household food security 4. Strengthen capacity of World Vision, communities and partner institutions to implement programs to address malnutrition, health(including HIV/TB) and food security issues.

Programme type



Budget(2009-2012)= US$667,757

Start date:


End date:

Nadowli, Tolon-Kumbungu, and Kintampo South districts respectively in the Upper West, Northern and Brong Ahafo regions of Ghana
Grupo de interés: 
Infants and young children
Grupo de edad: 
0-59 months
Primary health care center
Detalles de la implementación: 

1. Purchase LITNs2. Distribute LITNs to children under five years and pregnant women3. Support GHS in carrying out follow-ups on IMNCI activities at facility and community level4. Produce/adapt and distribute IEC materials on malaria5. Carry out education on malaria control in communities

Tamaño de la población a cobrar: 
7,460 (children 0-59 months), 2615 PWs
Indicador(es) de resultado: 

% of children Under five sleeping under an LLITN the previous night% of pregnant women who slept under an LLITN the previous night

Sistema de monitoreo y evaluación: 

<p>Key performance indicators were baselined to establish coverage at the beginning of the project. Monitoring of project interventions are conducted monthly. Monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual reports(narrative and financial) are collated to inform management decisions. These reports are shared with key stakeholders. Midterm and endterm project evalutions will be conducted.</p>

Linea de Base: 
Después de la intervención: 

Midterm evaluation conducted and results are being analysed

Resultados reportados por determinantes sociales: 
Vulnerable groups


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