Policy - National Agriculture Sector Strategy 2012- 2016

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Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation
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Type of policy:
Food security or agriculture sector national policy, strategy or plan with nutrition components


Metas y objetivos en relacion con la nutricion: 

Vision Statement: The agriculture sector in Yemen will play the primary role in raising rural incomes and creating jobs, and increasing food security, while protecting the environment and natural resources.



The overall objective of the agriculture sector is to increase growth, sustainability, and equity by raising agricultural output, and to increase rural incomes, particularly for the poor. More specifically, the objectives in the agriculture sector are to:

  1. Raise domestic food production through improvement in input supply, increased farmer awareness, and greater availability of agricultural credit;
  2. Lead efforts to fight poverty in the rural community through higher income to farmers and increased rural employment;
  3. Preservation of the environment and natural resources, and activating the role of community participation to ensure sustainability.
  4. Improve marketing efficiency and decrease post harvest losses and development of exporting capacities


Notas adicionales: 

Policy approved by the Cabinet on 13/3/2012 by the Cabinet Decree No. (37 – 2012)

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